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1976 - Booster

  • Bandwidth from 3hz to 30 Khz +/- 0.1%, this guarantees a transparency in the audio signal that no booster can match.
  • Gain level from 0dB to 20dB.
  • The electronic engineering project was designed to never distort the signal in any situation.
  • Include a natural compression that increases transients.
  • All the gain range, both the bandwidth and the dynamics transparency  is guaranteed.
  • Also suitable as a booster for acoustic guitars. 
  • The SERIES 1976 Booster was designed to be inserted at the beginning of the chain(guitar – booster – efx – amp)and at the end (guitar – efx – booster – amp).
  • By inserting it at the end of the chain it can be used, as well as a booster, as an attenuator.


Edoardo is playing the 1976 Distortion thoroughly, with different guitars, and pickup types.

​Guitar:Fender Telecaster-Gibson 

Amp: Fender Twin Reverb 

Mic: Sm57

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