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1976 distorsion

1976 - Distortion

  • High dynamics, tone and harmonic response are very similar to a vacuum tube sound.
  • Warm and detail of distortion saturation.
  • The tonal response is not modified by increasing the drive.
  • Very precise attack, keeping the clarity of the sound.
  • Compact distortion with a lot of sustain
  • Perfect for chords and solo
  • Very hight drive saturation
  • SuperSilent technology, with a S/R ratio >80 db
  • Desing of the ‘70
  • Three knobs, Drive Colour and Output


Edoardo is playing the 1976 Distortion thoroughly, with different guitars, and pickup types.

​Guitar:Fender Telecaster-Gibson 

Amp: Fender Twin Reverb 

Mic: Sm57