My name is Dave Turbino , I am a sound engineer. I work 7/7 with sound in different recording studios, broadcast Tv, sound film recording, and as sound designer for film and animation.

It can be said that sound/music is my life since I was 6 years old. In fact, at the same time my parents gave me a guitar as present.

I started recording in my bedroom at age 10 with my brother’s “cassette” recorder, and since then I never stopped. Piling hundreds of audio cassettes with inside things more aloof.

When I was 13 my passion is extended to electronics with the consequence that my room beside being a shelter for guitars records etc…quickly it became a small electronic laboratory, where I spent most of the time bent over : components, soldering irons, and prototypes.

My situation , as it was obvious focus of a technical school focus on electronics but at the same time I enrolled at the conservatory with studies of classical guitar.

They ended excellently with a diploma in electronics, that very quickly showed me into a true electronic laboratory as designer.

But my second passion was there constant and imposed every day, so addition to playing in various bands, decided to enrol in a school of sound engineer, and so I did, after a year I gave the examination for the diploma of technical audio.

This gave me the opportunity to seek job parallel to the lab, It took only 9 hours a day…. I wondered with an equation, the day is done 24 hours and I will spend 9hours to the laboratory, for the remaining 15 hours what do I do? So I found I a job in a recording studio in my city. Convenient! Because they needed me between 7pm and 1 am… Perfect! Now I could really work on analog audio equipment, mixer, understand and teach my ear to distinguish frequencies, compressions and audio quality. I continued in this dualism for 5 years, until decided to make the leap. I wanted to replace the work as a sound engineer to the designer, that is, exchange it as time…..but I needed more knowledge more diplomas, more pieces of paper! My hunger for knowledge and to specialize audio environment was necessary. Then, which city, country, nation, it was best suited to this? Maybe a city that was and is still the cradle of music…that I had chosen LONDON.

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I gave my resignation in the laboratory and after 10 days I was sitting on a Ryanair flight with my huge suitcase in the hold….Them after various adventures, new people, homes, live in clubs, friends punk I enrolled in college with specialization sound engineer. Yeah!! Finally I started a new life. Having completed studies and my stay in England I returned to Italy.

As soon as I returned home I found a job as a product manager in an agency as start up of audio equipment. It had a lot of expectation for a global market and I was their tester and demonstrator for customers. Wow! Again put together electronic and audio continued to happen events that included both, I swear every day!

Shame did not last long, the company failed miserably…. They had bitten off more than you can chew as they say. No problem for me, I looked for another job and almost immediately my phone rang and on the other end there was a studio that offered me a job as sound engineer. Here I am! I answered. More years passed and more I realized that the sound research and outboard performance that gave something that ear asking me more and more uninhibited. I tried, I tested, compressors, pre, well made but I was looking for others.

I listen back old records and trying to figure it out the dough analog sound and transient sweets that captivated  me and that even an untrained ear cold appreciate.  I began to study patters of valves and learn how they work…. Incredible! The electrical effect that was created inside of small glass tubes, moving electrons polarizing armour, heating them like little ovens. But this had a resounding effect harmonic, the word “warm sound” was actually correct since the temperatures of the glass of the valves are very important. I began to replicate microphone pre-amplifier, with original patters dating back to the 60s. The first I did was a V72!Incredible sounded so exciting, in fact I spent about 10 minutes to jump around it.. I could not believe it.



At this point I was already inside the vortex DIY. I continued to spend nights to read articles, download database valves, plans, now completely abducted.

I took the V72 in recording sessions trying to understand the emotions on the face of various musicians, it is given that their signal was passing just inside of it. All confessed that the sound was perfect, particularly harmonious. I had not invented anything  but had unearthed a technology now a bit disuse. At this point it was left to start other projects … which I did, in about 2 years I built 10 different types of brand and model, but shared the dates of appearance on the market, all dating from 55’ to 70’ and only valves.  After all this time and outboard behind, I decided to follow the advice of many colleagues musicians and producers, that after hearing the machine required them to me for their studios.

Here it is! Like this REPro is born, a mix of passion and refinement of sound.

I decided to share with all those like me who appreciate the sound recording and they want the best out of it an outboard that will make a difference in your sessions.

The first product that joins REPro is MU436C, a tube compressor with a character and unique colour.

MU436C the vacuum tubes to compress and amplify the audio signal.

Built in hand and eye for detail.

Sowter transformers with high quality specially built to reproduce the same in 1968. Welding point to point, resistant 1% 3W, potentiometers alpha, polypropylene capacitors, knobs and VUmeter design and construction in 60s. All in a rack of 2 units. 

MU436C is completely handmade tested and calibrated, first with electronic equipment and then with the faithful ear.