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Valve Age Model 1

  • VALVE AGE MODEL 1 is an overdrive / distortion valve boutique.
  • Desing of the ´60
  • A real 12ax7 tube inside
  • Professional pedal and very characteristic!
  • Two knobs for create different types of distortion and overdrive mixed with one another, for your perfect sound!
  • Bias tube Control
  • Very high headroom
  • Equalization control HI pass – Low pass!
  • Power supply designed to maintain the valve harmonics!
  • Power supply required 12 Vdc <500mA (positive center 2.1mm not included)


Edoardo is playing the Valve Age Model 1 thoroughly, with different guitars, and pickup types.

​Guitar:Fender Telecaster / Gibson 

Amp: Fender Twin Reverb 

Mic: Sm57


This device is a tube distortion/over drive effect for guitar.

Thanks to the particular PCB design and a meticulous search for quality of the sound REPro it has managed to create a distortion of the unique harmonic respose and great versatility.

Thanks to the quality of components and engineering, we think we have reached our goal at the best. Using VALVE AGE MODEL 1 you don’t ruin the sound of your guitar, but rather, you will emphasise the character of your pickup!

VALVE AGE MODEL1 has 5 knobs and a toggle switch: S-WAVE, TUBE, TONE, BIAS, VOLUME, SINUSOIDE.
S-wave controls the first distortion stage, smoothing out the waves and giving the sound a warm sound and incisive.

SINUSOIDE This toggle switch It allows you to select the type of distortion: in the first position you will have only positive wave crest, the second, both the positive and the negative. Selecting the second position would obtain an attenuation of the output signal of 12db. due to the transition of wave crests . This attenuation can be compensated by adjusting the volume control.

TUBE acts on the signal which transits in grids of sending her valve gradually more and more saturated. This turns VALVE AGE MODE 1, through a particular circuit configuration, in a pre-amp tube. Enriching your signal of even harmonic.

BIAS this particular control changes the current passing through the valve, allowing to change the colors to your sound.
TONE is a filter that acts on the frequency providing you find your tonal response. Turning the knob to the left acts as a low pass to a minimum attenuating the high frequencies, while turning the knob toward the right will emphasize high frequencies. Keeping the potentiometer in the center will not be making any changes of frequencies (FLAT ). The cutoff frequency. It has an attenuation of -12db per octave VOLUME adjusts the output volume. FOOTSWITCH for the activation of the effect pedal is a TRUE BYPASS.

DSC_0431-scaled VELVE AGE MODEL 1
Marco Ciocia
@Nicola Marco Ciocia
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Pedalini perfetti, distorsione bella corposa sia per chitarra che per basso, collegati anche ad alcuni synth danno una corposità del suono che cercavo da tempo!! Top!!
REPro-Light_V2-e1582581038465 VELVE AGE MODEL 1
riccardo mariatti@riccardo mariatti
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Distorsione perfetta anche per basso!
REPro-Light_V2-e1582581038465 VELVE AGE MODEL 1
Fabio Caposio
@Fabio Caposio
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DSC_0431-scaled VELVE AGE MODEL 1
Angela Squarcia
@Angela Squarcia
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REPro-Light_V2-e1582581038465 VELVE AGE MODEL 1
Enrico Bontempi
@Enrico Bontempi
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Il Valve Age Model 1 e' spettacolare!! super soddisfatto!
DSC_0431-scaled VELVE AGE MODEL 1
Gabriele Garcìa Perrero
@Gabriele Garcìa Perrero
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Super overdrive ho eliminato 3 pedali dopo aver comprato questo! Grazie ragazzi per questo spettacolare pedale!